Mechanics-05 WR450

Hey all,

I know I have asked this before or someone else has in the past. The high prices at dealers is absurd on some work. Im looking for a mechanic who knows there stuff, big and small. Anyone know a good one around the Portland metro/Clackamas County area in Oregon. I have two months off from racing and want general maint/upgrades done to my bike.


no help on this one???

what kinda stuff are u looking to do?

The general stuff that the manual tells you to do. One dealer quoted me about $330.00 Thats the full check, oil, valves, etc. based on the manual.

Unless you are wealthy I would do all the general maintainence yourself. There is great info on TT and other web sites for tips and things to watch out for. If you are concerned about your confidence pay a mechanic to come over to your place and teach you how to do it the first time. That way you can do future maintainence yourself. :)

Thanks Indy. Ive been trying. for a guy who works for a dealer. Its just the time to get him. Im still checking. Mine is too just get it done. I still have two months.

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