Stupid Question

What is the standard BHP of a WR 426f 02 model ? and does any one know if there is any gain with a FMF Q pipe with power bomb header. :)

There is no such thing as a stupid question...just stupid answers.

I was running a Q series pipe/muffler with a power bomb header. The bike was quite but really de-tuned because of the Q series muffler, they have no flow. Once the Q series fell apart I got a Factory 4 muffler and the bike woke up. I had to re-jet because my bike was breathing so much better. If you are going to run a Q series I don't think that you would benefit from a Power Bomb header that much. The Q series is the bottle neck in the system.

As far a BHP goes, I have no data. I am going to dyno my bike after I finish my motor re-build. Head work, 97mm piston (444cc), Hot Cams; I'll post the data afterwards so look for a thread next month or so.

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