Super-Moto !!

Do any of you guys use your 426 Super-Moto stylie. I have a pair of tallon excels and give ut a blast on the road now and again :) In simpleton terms can any one tell me the easy way to back the bike in without being high sided or making the valves bounce...... :)

I'm not the best bloke to give advise on this as I can only manage it on my favourite corners on my favourite tracks, but....

Approach corner damn fast, down two gears, hard on the front brake, little or no rear brake then feed (not drop) the clutch out. The rear wheel will revolve slower than you are travelling and consequently drift out as you apply some body english. Drop the clutch and you will get rear wheel chatter, go too slow and the wheel won't break loose.

It looks like a cool smooth move when done properly, but it is in fact quite an agressive thing as you need to approach the corner quite a bit faster than you normally would in order for it all to work out. :):D

Scarey, but fun! :)

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