Can you Lower a wr 426?

I have a 2001 wr 426. I am 5' 9'' with short legs. I fall over at a stand still so much no one bothers to laugh any more.

How can I lower the bike without messing up the "sag"??????

can some one help?


I'm 5'8" so I can relate. I don't know if lowering kits are available for a 426 or not but if you lower any bike you change the geometry and "proper" sag settings are out the window anyway. I just lowered the the forks so about 10mm is above the triple clamp and relieved the preload on the shock. I have the proper Race Tech springs for my weight and I ride just fine. I couldn't care less if sag isn't set to somebody elses spec. At least I'm not exhausted from picking my bike up constantly. Good luck!

I am also vertically challenged 5'9" on a good day, and have a 01 426. The general opinion is kinda. First you can have your suspension professionally lowered but you lose travel. You can shave some seat down but it will affect your riding position, make sliding around on the seat more difficult, and make it even LESS cushioned if that were possible. Finally you can cut and reweld your sub-frame to shorten it but you may have problems of the rear tire hitting the underside of the fender. There was a lowering link available for some of the WR's but I don't think that the 426 was one of them. I've just gotten used to it and try and find a high spot on the trail to put my foot down when I stop, and all my riding buddies just expect to see me fall down at a stop at least once a

Here is what I did:

Until get used to it, loosen the rear shock to add more sag. Go up to 4 or 5 inches of sag. That should let you touch the ground. Run it like that for a while until you get comfortable. After a few months, start tightening the shock up.

This is how I got my son used to his '02 YZ250F. He was 5'8" when he got it. He is 5'11" now and I have the shock sag back to normal.

Oh sorry, now I see you said "without messing with the sag".

dude im 5'4 and i have had to lay the bike down many times because of this. oh well

Hey thanks for the heads up on the lowering link. Too bad they don't make one for the 426!

Check out this website. David Lampmann in Austin, TX does an "active Reach" suspension mod. I'm 5'9 , and have short legs on top of that. He lowerd my bike about 1.25 in, and set up the suspension form me. I race Hare Scrambles and ride some light MX on occasion. I ride a DS'd 98 WR400, and I've looked all over for a kit, or a link, with no luck. David does great work, and is a helluva guy. He also races in the >40A Harescramble classes here in TX. Check him out!!

Thanks. :) I at least feal better about being on the ground. I will try the forks and extra sag.

Sweet. Thank you!

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