13 Weeks And Still Waiting........

I Posted A New Thread About 12-13 Weeks Ago About My 04 Wr450 Kicking Back So Hard It Cracked The Cases,around The Inside,back Of The Kick Starter Housing .....well All The Time I Missed And Am Now Out Of The Hare Scramble Circut "due To Too Many Races Missed".....well They Got It All Put Back Together Yesterday,added The Oil, Cranked Her Up And She Went To Leaking. They Say Defective Cases.will It Ever End?????????????????

defective cases????? that sort of stuff just doesn't happen these days. sounds like they f##### up and now it must be the cases fault. take a good long look at your bike and make sure these guys didn't try a cheap fix on your bike. something just doesn't sound right.

Never heard of a cracked case from kickstarting. My XR500 kicked back and broke my foot once. I'm done with that machine and I love the electic starter on my WR.

Can't understand why so many have problems with this machine. Mine seems to be indestructable.

Careful, it may kick back and break your thumb!!

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