FMF Q2 Vs. WhiteBros. E2

What about the BIG GUN EVO X, how does that work? I saw it meets 94 db limits and its like $400 for a whole system in rocky mountain. I think it looks cool too, the header is ceramic coated and endcap anodized.

they are ceramic coated because they are cheap heavy steel.

spend the money (look around and you won't spend that much) and get a decent system, stainless steel minimum.

I scored a new "scratch and dent" e2 off of ebay for $137 shipped. Just got it scratches OR dents...but some adhesive residue (maybe from price tags??) that easily scrubbed off.

I put it on and putted around the neighborhood. My initial impression is that it is VERY quiet with low RPM putting....

But the sound jumps to life when you stab the throttle. nice thoaty sound. The bike seemed to idle nicely...and low end response is crisp. (I had rejetted slightly rich in preparation for the arrival of the pipe.)

I think it is a very nice pipe. significantly lighter than the stock WR pipe, but not as light as the stock YZ pipe (at least that is how it seemed, no scales involved).

I took the screen out tonight, and ill try running it tomorrow without it..was too late tonight to make a bunch of racket.

Ok i ran the wr450 with the new E2, sans sparky today...had to tweak the fuel screw out 1/4 turn or so...

Lots of low end snap. And louder without the sparky, but not horrible....still a pretty quiet pipe all around. But it growls good under hard throttle.

Im very happy with the pipe.

Just my .02. I recently purchased a Q2 and to say the least I was very disappointed. Maybe my expectations were a little high but the slight increase in mid range and top end is hardly worth losing some low end power and definitely not worth the 3 1/2 bills it cost. The power was more linear and I noticed it took more effort to loft the front end than with the stock silencer. The Q2 is significantly lighter than stock but in my opinion it wasn't noticible when riding.

My jetting was JD red needle #5, 168 main, Fuel Screw 1 1/4 turns, everything else stock. Altitude 2000-3000 ft. Temp. 75 degrees. If anyone has some jetting recommendations that may change my opinion of the Q2 please pass them along. Otherwise I think the Q2 is going to find a new home.


Q2 VS E2. Which one will give you more low end gains with the spark arrestor in?

If you want a quiet pipe, save your money and keep the stock one.

No pro's use fmf Q2 or WB E2 or will ever use them. They don't make power.

I guess you guy's have to wait till twin mufflers are the thing.

matty is wrong, they make power...plenty of it...

but they are by NO means race pipes.

I must agree with matty, I put my stock silencer back on this past weekend after my disappointment with the Q2. The bike had much more power with the JD Red needle #5 and stock silencer than the Q2 with the same jetting. The Q2 robbed alot of lowend power and made the powerband more linear. IMO it made the bike a little boring to ride. I think there are better mods to spend $300+ bills on. If someone wants a Q2, mine is on E-bay. :applause:

Then what pipe should a man buy?

It should make ALL the power, and not extremly noisy (for riding road "legal")

Seems like every pipe that actually gives power, has noise levels that would brake my neighbour`s windows when i wheelie out of my drive way...

Yes....what is a good pipe to purchase. My stock cans end bolts no longer hold the end cap on and the spark arrestor in so it is useless now. I am forced to purchase a new one and I don't really want to buy a factory one as they are more expensive.......I guess if I have to I will but if there is something better for the same amount of money or less then I would go with that. :applause:

I think White Bros have done a great job with their systems. The E2 is a nice system.

totally agree,the e2 is awesome on the 05 wr450,no jetting required,just bolt on and rip!!

No one has dyno's of either pipe though.... What's up with that?

The Q2 is brand new for 05 they just poped out the 4.1 carbon and 4.1 titanium and also the titanium Q for 05 there is no hybrid of the Q2 coming out this year

poped out? :applause: i guess pope benedict is into dirtbiking now

FMF 4.1 Titanium

Whatcha think would be better for a 04 WR450? why? needs to be spark arrested and meet the 96 db limit of the great state of california. :thumbsup:

Either keep the stock pipe with a PMB insert or get a Q2. The White Brothers just uses the same type of restrictive plug you buy for the stock pipe.

As for power increases I would bet that 99.9% of us could get you ass kicked by a pro on a ragged out TT-R so keep your bikes below 96db and try to keep a few riding areas open.

This link Applies to us all.

As for power increases I would bet that 99.9% of us could get you ass kicked by a pro on a ragged out TT-R so keep your bikes below 96db and try to keep a few riding areas open.

This link Applies to us all.


Loud doesn't always = fast. It's getting so important to run quiet that Dirt Rider Magazine won't even reccomend a pipe over 98db (I think it's 98 may be 96)

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