Rekluse Gouge

With only 150 miles on my bike (XR 650R) I burned the stock clutch going up some extremely steep and narrow switchbacks. I replaced the clutch with a rekluse z-start a few days ago. I like it so far, pluses outway the minuses and makes difficult riding conditions 100% easier, but it has some shortcomings that I hope someone might have some tips on. Shifting from 1st to second uphill and under power can be very notchy. Downshifting on a steep downhill is the same. Despite being off the power the clutch is still sometimes engaged (engine compression) going downhill and the bike doesn't want to shift. The clutch is properly set up, doesn't creep at idle or slip on acceleration. Often I feel I'm forcing a shift up or down on hills. Anyone have any riding tips for smoothly shifting this setup, like what throttle/power load works best under certain conditions? I also got the optional clutch perch adjuster but it seems to do almost nothing, maybe delay the stall speed just a little, not worth the $85. It certainly does not "optionally overide the clutch" as advertised. BTW I bought from TT and was pleased with the quick service!

While I don't have much more experience with my Z-start than you do, riding Michigan woods with mine I learned right away that you have to time your shift when there is no load on the drivetrain......if you want to avoid the feeling of mechincal distress you described. I have been shifting for years without pulling in a standard clutch lever simply by easing off the power before shifting, so with the Z-start, there was less of a learning curve.

Not sure this helps, but I assume every Z-start owner must have encountered this same issue and adapted to it.

If my engine RPM is up higher while going up or down hill, I also cannot smoothly shift (very notchy). If my engine RPM is lower, then its not usually an issue. If I'm on fairly level terrain, I can usually left off the throttle for smooth upshifts or blip my throttle for smooth downshifts as long as I'm not trying to do it at too high of an RPM or while the engine is heavily loaded. Trying to do too much too fast or at too high of an RPM or while the engine is too heavily loaded is where I have problems shifting with my z-started 650r. Short shifting and riding in a higher gear is what I've done as a compromise to improve shifting. I have several 650r's and I've moved my z-start from bike to bike and the issue follows the z-start and not the bike. As with most things in life, there are trade-offs to be made, but I still really like the z-start and will continue to use it because it does some things very well, but I'd be happier if shifting was improved under the more extreme circumstances.

just a possibility: if you are running a heavy-weight or 'sticky' oil, you may get a bit of drag between the clutch plates ...

They are coming out with the next generation of Z-start for the XR650R some time soon. Al Yongworth told me it should be ready for me to test some time in July. The new one will be able to disengage the clutch just like a manual stock clutch and still be an auto clutch also. This will be the best auto clutch ever!!!!! :):)

I can't wait and if it works out and Mr. Youngworth isn't pulling my leg and waisting my time, I'll be screeming it praise every day! :D I have been waiting for this for seven months. It keeps being a little longer. It will be worth it.

I never really noticed this problem while on the trails until I began riding more agressive. Then it became really clear that the clutch does not really over ride the Z-Start. I still love riding in the tight stufff with the Z-Start but would really consider their next generation if it truly gives you a clutch and a Auto-Clutch at the same time. In fact I would consider it for my 525 also.

I've got a couple hundered miles on my 650R with the Rekluse auto clutch and love it :) I've also got the perch adjuster so I've retained the use of the hand clutch for power shifting when needed. For tight, knarley, rocky, rooty, muddy single track an auto clutch is the only way to go :D:D:D

It takes a little getting used to but I'll never have a bike without one. Makes your XR into a giant mini-bike with 5 gears and 50HP :D:D:worthy:


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