Southern Ontario

Does anybody ride in or know of good spots to ride in Southern Ontario?

Dave,where in Southern Ontario do you live? If you are in the G.T.A. or Golden Horseshoe I may be able to point you in the right direction depending on how far you are willing to travel in order to go for a ride. I live approx. 65 miles north of Toronto (South Central Ontario)and occasionally ride south of here.

I live in southern ontario, 40 min east of toronto. there is a small town just north of Oshawa called Raglan. this is the local hangout where all dirtbikers gather on the weekends. Also for $40?/year you can join the ganaraska forest where there is awesome biking at hwy35and115. you could always join a club like OCMC (where I go) or LDR. (Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club or Lakeshore Dirt Riders.) Both clubs put on motocross, ice racing, trail rides , enduros, harescrambles, X country events and more.


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do you know of anything east of the algonquin park?? my family has been going up there for years. it beautiful country, but i've never been able to find anything about bike trails. any info would be appreciated.


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Sorry,I dont know of anything east of algonquin. my travel time is limited because im only 17 and my dad doesnt take me very far.

We have a cottage in the Haliburton Highlands and ride the snowmobile trails there on our bikes which are fairly good.

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Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it. I live 10 minutes south of Hamilton/Stoney Creek. Travelling to Niagara Falls or Toronto are equally about 50 minutes away, which isn't bad. I've heard Ganaraska is fabulous, how long past Toronto would it take to drive there. Turkey point is within an hour from me, anybody ever ride there?

about an hour to ganaraska, never heard of turkey point..


Turkey Point is closer to you than Ganaraska...Get hold of Steel City Riders..they have club house in Binbrook--used to run an enduro out of there...they are heavy into the off road stuff and should point ya in the right direction

Thanks guys. I'm only ten minutes from Binbrook. Also checked out Steel City Riders site, but not much info. I'll give em a call. If they run an enduro out of Binbrook, then I guess I lucked out. An awesome bike and local riding.

Michigan,last fall I did a Malcolm Smith ride around Calabogie which is sort of east of Algonquin.Lots of good,marked trails, typical Canadian Shield,rocky sections mixed in with nearly bottomless mud holes.They run enduros in this area as well as one of the Kawasaki trail rides.I have heard that there are lots of trails around Madawaska. Apparently many of the motels and lodges in that area cater to ATVs and dirtbikes with package deals including meals and lodging. They have marked trails,maps to follow etc.I rode that area this winter on the sled and saw signage for offroad trails,it appears to be well organized.I have never ridden the bike there though,maybe this summer......

Dave, what kind of riding do you prefer. I ride a lot at the St. Williams conservation area. Its about 10 minutes from Turkey Point. St.Williams has a lot more tight single track whereas Turkey Point is whooped out a lot more. There is a Kawasaki Trail Ride in Turkey Point on Apr 29. Check out . My club (Lynn Valley Riders) puts on this ride. Its a good ride, but you will need a street plate as you ride some gravel roads connecting trail. Its about 80 kms long, mostly single track.


I'm just getting started in dirt bike riding, and haven't decided on what type of riding I will do. I have a 9 yr old boy, and an 8 year old girl. I bought a XR 50 and a XR 70 for them so would prefer some more simple areas for them that are local. I myself am a bit more aggressive and would like more challenging riding as I gain experience. Hare scrambles and enduros seem very appealing, but I'll probably start them next year after this first "introductory year" A friend of mine is looking at getting a bike also so it will be nice to team up with more "adult" riders because I can't see myself enjoying putting along with my kids all the time. If Steel City Riders ran an enduro out of Binbrook, I wonder if the trail is still open? Where do you guys ride for practice or recreational riding? Thanks

take highway 7a threw lindsy ontario heading east

follow that past the tim hortons and past lake scugog 7a goes right threw the lake and a few km up the road u will see the odd couple trails in the ditch and then a dirt road on your left and a dead end to your right park there and u can ride for days 1 motocross track 3 different sand dunes and miles of trails . when i used to live in gta there used to be well over 150 dirt bikers out there every sunday

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