Jetting Question--Bars???

:) I bought a White Brothers Aluminum Pro Exhaust System for my 2004 Yz450 and it seems I have a little hesitation on the bottom. As soon as I roll the throttle past that point there is no problem. Has anyone bought this system and had to make any adjustments for it?

Does anyone have any recommendations on changing the handlebars? Instead of changing the clamps, I was going to buy the Pro-Taper clamp extensions and change the bars as well. I was told the Windham Bend was good, just looking for some thoughts on what bends are being used.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Not sure on the jetting but to get the most out of the pipe you would need to richen it up a little. I'm sure somebody will have a good place for you to start. For the bars I got the CR HI with universal mounts and love it. I'm 6'2".

Your bike breathes better now, try first opening up the fuel screw half a turn or a full turn.

If it does not work, put in a larger pilot jet and raise the needle one clip (put the clip one slot lower). I suggest you also put a larger main jet to maintain the balance in jetting, you then go a tad richer all the way from idle to WOT. Start fine adjustments with fuel screw from 1,5 turns out from bottom. If you need to open up the fuel screw more than 3 turns, you are still lean in jetting.

I just got the Henry/Reed ProTaper bar, it is nice in height but could have a bit less pullback, I like straight bars, they keep your elbows up. Windham should be a bit higher and straighter, load the chart

Big t and SureBlue, thanks for the feedback! I will take a look at the current carb settings and see where I need to go with your suggestions. Once I have done this I will let you know how it works out. Next time I go to the dealer, I will check the bars out that you mentioned and see what works for me.

Thanks again......

2004 YZ450 W/B Aluminum Pro. More to come!!!

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