Rekluse and handbrake

I want to share my enthusiatic thoughts on this setup.

I bought a used/plated BRP sometime back for a dualpurpose bike. I had little/no experience off-road, but lots on street and track. I never use the rear brake on pavement as, in my opinion, its potential for loss of control excedes its potential for maintaining control.

While the BRP was great in the relative open, it was a handful in tight stuff, both uphill and down. Uphill gave many stalls, with the tiring and frustrating procedure of starting the bike. Downhills were hard to manage without much control of the rear break -- using heavy riding boots, it seemed as if my control of the rear break was binary: on or off. Needless to conclude, the learning curve with the BRP seemed pretty steep, and it didn't seem as if I was getting very far very fast. I was thinking I should move to a 400.

I decided to try the auto-clutch and handbreak setup. Installation of both was a 2-hour job for me, and I'm no mechanic. What a difference it made! Uphills are a simple procedure of roll on/off throttle, allowing me to focus a lot more on balance and momentum. Downhills are soo much easier, as I feel like I have 1-10 degree of control over the rear break. I now have fingertip control over the front and back breaks and can balance the bike and control it so much easier. I finished my first goat trail ride day tired but not exhausted, and happy instead of frustrated. And, what may be a first, not last in the pack (and far from it). This set-up has been a great confidence booster.

The benefits on the fire and logging roads is not as great as on the trails, but great nonetheless. The real benefit for me has been the fingertip control of the rear break, allowing me much greater breaking control going into corners.

I have not had any difficulty down shifting. I haven't had any need to adjust the clutch and can easily use the engine-mount adjuster if need be. I would vote against the clutch-perch adjuster and strongly in favor of the handbreak.

This has resulted in a great setup for me, and made the BRP the great dualpurpose bike for which I bought it. :) I have no affiliation with Rekluse.

ps. give me a break on misspelled "brake."

Hmmm...good report.

I'm curious how it compares to the Revloc version.

Good report. Thanks.

Just know that if your throttle sticks, from a bent barkbuster or whatever, bail ASAP. Better still, get a tethered off-switch.

Good report. Thanks.

Just know that if your throttle sticks, from a bent barkbuster or whatever, bail ASAP. Better still, get a tethered off-switch.

good point ! i never thought of that .

I have been riding my XR650R in the tight stuff since 2000 and you do adjust and it become an awsome trail bike as well as open desert bike. A year ago I installed the Rekluse in mine and even though I felt confident with the 650 before, the Rekluse jumped my confidence level up quite a bit.

In the tight stuff the combination of a Rekluse and trials tire are unbeatable. Try it some time when your not as concerned about the dual sporting. Or go with a Mitas trials tirs which is DOT approved. But be warned because they generally do not slip but simply give you traction everywhere, they tend to wear rear sprockets out faster. :)

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