Anyone like the 03 better than an 05???

I got a chance to ride a 05 yz450f and aside from the suspension I didnt like it as much as my 03. What was done w/the 05 motor that mellows it out? I hope the 06 gets the grunt of the 03 :)

For this reason I never bought the 04 or 05......I hope the 06 has the hit.... :)

I like the '05 suspension, but not the way the engine runs. As far as I can tell, it was done with a remap of the CDI timing curve.

I've always thought, though, that you could make the '05 run like like an '03 easier than you could make the '03 fork work as well as an '05. Maybe not.

i'm setting my 05 up for HS and i rode it WFO on a familiar course for the first time since i'ver been screwin' with it(almost a month) and i gotta say with 13/52 gearing this thing is a ultimate woods weapon,2nd and 3rd are so long i can ride the whole course in 2 gears. the little lack of bottom comes in handy with the rekluse,keeping traction in the slow and then building even hp to what i figure to be about 20mph in each gear,the even power really helps off road. it still builds quickly at around 4k rpm :D i think even on a mx track that the more linear power of the 05 would result in faster lap times,just minus the fun factor :D about that ignition curve,i had to unplug my tps to be able to jet the dang thing . without it is just all'round better :D what of the neutral switch? does doing away with that help anything :) and about the fork,i'm running a 03 kayaba factory support fork and it works very well with the 05 shock. i sold the 05 forks because they felt so bad for offroad. maybe they're good for MX but thats not me,too gravitationally challenged :)

i had a 03 and now I got 05.........................I guess I sux...........I really noticed no difference J/K. Its two different bikes. As for power...............there really was not much of a change IMO other than response of the hit or pull or whatever. The 05 will fool a person on how quick it is......Like a hemi........ your going faster than you seem because its so smooth. The 03 was just a power house from the word go...

My suspension was done by race tech on my 03 so I really never saw a reason to get the 05. But I love the hit of my bike.

why do people love the so called hit? You just have to back out with throttle control due to tire spin? Please explain

makes 'em think they're goin' faster :)

Sure, you have to back off in some places, but then you have it when you want it in other places. I would rather back off the throttle then have yamaha back it off for me. I happen to like breaking the back end loose and blasting through berms with the back tire spinning. I have raced some, but I mainly ride to have fun. Jumping gaps, ripping up trails and going to the track are what I usually ride, and I have never found a bike that needed to be backed off for me. Yamaha needs to set the motor back to being the most potent in it's class.

It still is Revolucien, I can blast thru corners with the rear tire roosting all the way. I had an 03 there is really not much difference in power. I don't understand some of you guys. Ya'll think they made it a power puff. Your wrong it will still straighen your arms out in a heart beat. It just has better tire to ground traction. But if a fellow is retarted he can send roost just as far as he wants on this one too, but that serves no purpose.IMO

The 05 still has the same arm jerking power. I have been on an 03,04,and my 05. The 05 will run right beside the other years and to me its more a managable power than the others. Am I happy with my 05? You better believe I am. :) Like all others have said its more rider than the bike!

You say there is not much difference, but you say there is a difference. This means you also believe Yamaha adjusted the CDI mapping so that the motor does not provide the same level of torque as quickly. Maybe this doesen't matter to people under 200lbs, but I'm 6'5" at 250lbs and that bit of torque difference is noticeable.

Ok, they did this so people wouldn't have to clutch as much, OR wouldn't have to back off on the throttle to get traction. I would rather use the clutch, or back off on the throttle myself, than have Yamaha do it for me. It's my preference.

I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way. If Yamaha made the CDI mapping adjustable like a "Power Commander" you could change the mapping for your riding conditions or preference whenever you felt. SO there you have it a complaint and solution.

Anybody got interest in an aftermarket adjustable CDI unit? :)

I see your point now. I suppose it was a bigger guys bike. Im 5 ft 7" and about 175. I don't clutch much at all with my style of riding. But with a biggertype person I could see what your saying. the cdi deal might be a good idea. I also think a person could swap sprockets and achieve the same responsive burst as the 03

the 04 had the best motor in my opinion however the 05 is sweet....less work to go fast....oh yes the 05 is fast. How many people on this board ride the track wide open? None. Therefore the 05 is not only smooth....but fast.

On another note, an aftermarket exhaust and proper gearing will make the 05 faster than an 05 CRF...and really...that is what your aiming for. I see very few 03's at the track these days. I suppose they guys who race every weekend have long since retired the almost 3 year old bike.

For this reason I never bought the 04 or 05......I hope the 06 has the hit.... :)

The 2003-2004 models have the hit, its just the '05 thats lacking.

well i've got the 2004 YZ450F.... umm, why would you want more hit? the bike hauls arse?!?!? maybe it's because i'm not a big racer etc etc, just a trails rider and just ride for the hell of it..

if you want a bigger "hit" why not just buy a 2 smoke? maybe a CR500?? i'm sure that'd pack a good "hit"...

Yeah, the CR500 was an option, but it was either get an older one or the 500AF which is an expensive alternative. I figure I'm done mixing oil and fuel anyway. :)

The 2003-2004 models have the hit, its just the '05 thats lacking.

Let me rephrase - They are all basically the same bikes from 03 -05. With refinements here and there but nothing earth shattering....This is why I did not purchase after 03 but will for 06.... :)

The whole question of hit or no hit on the '05 comes down to where the power is (or isn't). On mine, and on all the big four-strokes I was brought up on in the late 60's & 70's, the power is immediately available any time. If you can hear the engine, you're in the fat part. Call it old school, but what I like about big bore thumpers is the ability to roll them open in a big gear at about 2000 rpm and having them muscle themselves and you out of a corner on pure torque. To me, frankly, a 450 isn't really a big single, but the early 450's and the 426's act like one.

The '05's I've ridden are more like my son's 250F on a larger scale. You have to bring the engine up and into its range a little more deliberately, but it's scary fast when it's up there. I just don't care for the fact that you have to ride a big bike quite that much like it was a little one. Then again, throttle control at low speeds is less of an issue, so you can relax and bust it open more often, like a 250F to a degree. But but being an old big bore flat tracker and speedway racer, and more recently having owned a CR500 (more or less affectionately known as "BFH"), throttle control is something I'm familiar with, and I kind of prefer the old engine to the '05. But I think it really just comes to that; personal preference.

But I really like the concept that revolucien mentioned of having a multi-map CDI unit. I think I'd buy one. Especially if the maps were user modifiable as with the better aftermarket automotive fuel injection systems.

I think alot of you are full of crap. Not being mean. I've own 03 & 05. Bal,bal,bal. The hit is nothing more than tire spin in the end. Like Gray said........its throttle/clutch control. Ive line up by side alot of different bikes from 125's to 525's, Ive been beat by them all and have beat them all. Its traction to the rear wheel that counts. If you want ...........the hit(arm yanking, front wheel in the air,shutting off the throttle,fixing to crash uncontrollabe power) Go get a old school Maico with no brakes....there is your hit. Now if your talking quick.........thats another

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