Anyone like the 03 better than an 05???

I've owned both a '03 and '05. I think part of the problem is magazines poison the public’s mind with the crude they print. Every magazine said the '03 was the pro level bike only and was a monster. I had the '03 up until last November and really liked the bike and guess what I'm not a pro level rider, not even in my dreams. The '05 IMHO has plenty of power and the way the two bikes deliver power is not all that different between the two. Anyway who cares the ‘06s are right around the corner ..

Just another 2 cents. I own a YZ250F and a 05YZ450F and have also rode the 02 426 & 03 450. I do not ride the 450 like the 250. The power delivery is much ealier and stronger. The real difference in the old vs new 450's is there is no gap in the power delivery or power curve, the old 450's power curve would lessen the suddenly jump in power,(THE HIT!), the 05 450 bridges this gap in the power delivery allowing better throtle control. Changing the gearing will allow youto ride high up in the power giving you the sound of being in the "MEAT". The power is there you just miss the bark!

Best answer Ive heard yet!

Does anyone have dyno runs that they could post on the 03, 04 and 05 YZ-450s?

That would be really good to see.

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