02 Wr426, Ignition trick, which wire?

I have an 2002 WR426, I'd like to do the ignition trick that makes the CDI read the YZ ignition curve, I know on the 2004 Wr450 the wire is grey and is located in the six point connector, but for the 2002 Wr426 there is not a grey wire in that six point connector, so I'm a little lost and need some help thanks.

I have the same bike, mine was a grey wire. That is wierd that you do not have one. What are the colors of all your wires in the connector just under the front of your tank?

Not to bust in on your thread but you inspired me to do the same thing. I looked at all the wires and from the input that I received in the past, it was my understanding that the grey wire was intermixed with multiple other wires. On my 01 WR426 I was able to find a grey wire but it is in a plug with one other. It just seems wrong that if you have a two prong plug that it would be bad to unplug one of the wires. Here's a pic of the wires of my bikes wires. Is you bike the same?


let me know if you need a better pic of it.

Yes you are right, I looked for a second time at the six point connecter and there is a dark grey wire on the bottom side of the connecter only and I believe it changes to a black and yellow wire on the top side of the connecter, is this the correct wire? other than that the only grey wire I see is the one in a two point connecter. Thanks for time and help.

These are the colors that I have closest to the CDI under the tank: red, green, black with a yellow stripe, white, browen, and pink. The bottom connector colors are all the same except I have a dark grey wire that connects into the black and yellow stripe wire on the topside. Hope this helps thanks.

Yep, That is the same connector and the only grey wire I see in my six point plug is on the bottom side, which is a dark grey wire that connects into on the top side of the plug with a black and yellow striped wire. The clearest grey wire I have is also the two prong connector. I have the newest issue of Dirt Rider Mag and they cut there grey wire out of the six point connector and it was a light grey like the two prong connector, but that was an 04 Wr450.

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