Flywheels WR & YZ interchangeable?

Can anyone tell me if the flywheels of both bikes (same year) are interchangeable? I know the WR is heavier, yet that´s the whole idea. If not, what´s a good aftermarket flywheel weight addition to make a YZ450 stall less technical tracks. Does the rekluse solve this?

Well I can only comment on the 03 WR/YZs, and they are not interchangeable.

As for aftermarket weights, I've never tried one. But ZipTy makes them as well as Stealy and others.

I've never tried a Rekluse either so someone else will have to comment on that.

totally different animals 03-05 as far as interchangibility, i just put a +6 oz trail tech fw,with the rekluse in my 05 yz450 and its awesome for the woods :) had to gear it 13/52 because first was so tall and i didn't want the clutch slipping too much

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