Flywheels WR & YZ interchangeable?

Can anyone tell me if the flywheels of both bikes (same year) are interchangeable? I know the WR is heavier, yet that´s the whole idea. If not, what´s a good aftermarket flywheel weight addition to make a YZ450 stall less technical tracks. Does the rekluse solve this?

I can guarantee they are interchangeable on a 99 YZ400. i put one on mine for the lighting kit to be street legal. I cant see any reason why a 450 would be any different. you will have to buy both the ignition coil and the flywheel though. it'll run you about 275 for both pieces.

A rekluse clutch will help with the stalling part as the clutch automatically engages as you roll off the gas/slow down. Id still recommend a heavier flywheel. it made a HUGE difference on my 400 and it isnt even that much heavier.


they are not interchangeable 03-05,at all. the cases are different for the wr stator, even the crank taper is different :)

'03 and up WR's flip the flywheel around "inside out" so they can use the back of it for the drive for the e-start. Nothing under the two ignition covers, including the covers, will interchange.

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