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Hello all

Am new to this forum so I am allowed to ask one stupid Question. Here goes. The question is What bike do i buy? Heres the situation. I have been riding a 96' KTM360M for about 5 years. The time has come to purchase a new bike. I am leaning towards the DRZ400(kickstart only). I know, I cant believe it either. A suzuki! I have ridden a 2000WR400 and loved it. I was gonna just buy one till I realized the price differance in the two bikes(DRZ 1,000.00 cheaper). I Ride in New Mexico where I participate in about six desert races a year. I enter in the novice class and to be honest they usually end up to be organized trail rides. I also do alot of trail riding with my son witch requires slower speeds. Mostly I believe the new four strokes will put alot of fun back into riding. Question is, Witch one to buy. DRZ or WR. Any info related to your WR's such as reliability, suspension, and has anyone ever compared the two? Thanks for any suggestions. See-ya out there




I am fifteen years old and i dont really know about all of that financial crap that grownups deal with, but i do know one thing. My 2000 WR 400f is one awesome bike. I truly believe that you should get one. I mean, i know i dont have any other bills to pay but i am only making $5.35 an hour and that $1000 dollar difference between the two bikes didnt do much to the loan. I am happy with my bike and wouldnt recommend anything else.

That is just a kids perspective. Hope it made scense and hope it helped. Bye :)

I am also new to the forum. However, I did a lot of research before buying my '00WR. You need to look at what type of riding you plan on doing. Track, trail, fire roads, desert etc. Power and torqe are an issue. The WR is no slouch. This is just my research talking but the suspension, handling, maintenance are all superior on the WR. Some say the Suzuki has a better top end. (I have yet to need more top end). I ride with my son (12) all the time. You are not going to bog down on the WR.

But don't take my word for it. The internet is a great source of info. There are several trials that compare the two bikes. You be the judge.


'00WR, stock pipe, cork removed, throttle stop removed, airbox cover removed. Elevation 4500ft.

White Bros E series in my sights.


You don't expect anybody on the WR forum to recommend a DRZ do you? In all honesty the DRZ is supposed to be a fine trail bike. The WR just has more balls. You can't go wrong with either bike. The WR is just a higher end bike. Remember, the $1000 difference won't seem like much in a couple of years. It all depends on how you ride. Good luck.


Beavis, I am first and formost a trail rider. I have only begun to race this past year for fun. The WR400 is without question the best offroad bike I have ever owned or ridden. I have ridden the DR and it is a good bike but there is no way I would trade my WR for one of them. I like the fact that if I decide to get frisky with the WR it can handle anything I throw at it with plenty left over. It is a blast to ride...Good luck. :)

the only reason i would have a drz wud be for the electric start,

my understanding is the dr has more torque and low - mid punch then a wr but its a bit heavier and is softly sprung..

read the drz400 board and it focuses on ''how can i make my bike faster'' etc,,and a few comments on its suspension.

i've riden both, liked the drz engine ,,, until i rode the yamaha,, which is best described as addictive,, if you buy the drz which as u said is cheaper ,, cost into the deal some suspension work


That is by no means a stupid question.

I also ride the NMDRC occasionally (maybe I should ride your class, you make it sound more fun :) ), so I am familiar with the type of riding, and unless you plan many forays into the mountains I would advise against the WR. Why? The gearing. First gear on a WR is useless in the desert, I think it was designed for plowing the back forty. First gear on my YZ is 31% taller, I’m geared another 6% taller overall and MY first gear is probably not even broken in. So I’d stick with the YZ and buy a lighting coil with the money you save on the purchase price.

As for the DRZ I don’t think it is the equal of the WR or esp. the YZ out west. I’ve yet to ride one but I’m sure they are plenty fast and easy to ride, I just think that, coming from a KTM, you will dislike the softer suspension, slower developing power, and extra weight (it is heavier than a YZ, not sure about the WR). I should probably keep my mouth shut since I haven’t ridden one but I’m betting a WR/YZ will absolutely roast the Soozook in a drag race, and, as I’m sure you know, horsepower is king in the desert.

As for the WR vs. YZ issue, I’d add the following:

The WR seat pushes the rider too far back to corner effectively, especially in sand. I bet almost half the guys here have YZ seat and tanks on their WRs. As for the extra capacity, the YZ can go 60 miles on a tank and a good dez tank for the YZ is under $200.

As I mentioned the WR is more expensive than a YZ.

It is heavier than a YZ.

WR has different susp. valving, I don’t think it works too well in the dez (I have ridden a WR), especially those nasty sand whoops in most NMDRC events, but it is good in the rocks.

WR has less snap due to different cam timing (but this is easily changed).

Hey, wait a sec, what am I doing spouting heresy like that on the WR side of TTalk? Take cover!!!

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