Free Mods-Throttle-Stop WR450

Hi there

Just got my brand new WR450F today.

I love it,cant wait to bring her out next weekend.

The Only thing i dont like is the Throttle stop,do i have full throttle or not?

How do i get it removed?

Also i heard about free Mods,what is that all about?

Hope to get some Help here.Great bunch of Guys on this Forum.

Thanks Klaus

hello klausi and welcome. you have 2 choices, either cut the your current one or buy the yz throttle stop. use the search function in this forum for both the length to cut your throttle stop or the yamaha part number for the yz model. you will want to do it asap, as it makes a huge difference in power.

Here's a list that I found on TT that covers the basic mods. You may have to do a little searching for specifics, but this will get you started. You will be amazed at the difference the mods make. Enjoy!!

1. Throttle stop - when you first get your bike it's half throttle. Can't have that so, we change the throttle stop.

2. Gray wire - now that we have full throttle, our c.d.i. map is still mapped for 1/2 throttle. Can't have that so, we dis-connect gray wire (on the 05 it's in a six pin wire harness under the tank, right side).

3. Exhaust snorkle / Air box - now the bike needs to breath better so we remove the exhaust snorkle (take off the end cap, remove 4 bolts, re-install end cap) and open up the air box (remove seat, take out snorkle behind the battery. some people even cut out the holes on right side of air box, up to you).

4. Jetting/Fuel screw - once you get all this done you find out it's too lean. The 05 needle is non-adjustable and the fuel screw is blocked off and the jets are lean. Change needle to an adjustable type (jd or 04 model) pluck out the fuel screw blocker and change screw to zip - ty or the like. Up the jet sizes (main,pilot,starter, etc) to your elev and temp. Adjust fuel screw approx 1 3/4.

5. A.I.S. removal - lowedog kit - remove ais to rid the backfire on decel (after all these are done)

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