Baja Tour recomendations...

I have always wanted to go on a tour down Baja....and now my 40th approaches. A big group of my riding buddies want to do a 3 day ride. Does anyone have any feedback on various companies? Any suggestions on any tours in the West...Idaho, Utah Southwest?


Try Tim Morton's Baja Bound Tim and Jennifer, his wife, run fantastic trips and are GREAT people. They are very knowledgeable about Baja and will provide you with a never to be forgotten riding experience. You had better start making your inquiries quickly though. The weather in Baja in the summer is a major consideration (it gets really warm). :)

I am so there! My wife and I, along with some friends, recently purchased 1.5 acres 400 yds from the beach in La Paz and I'd love to do this trip to get a feel for what the interior is like. At $1100 for a trip with my own bike, it's a freakin' steal! The brochure is on the way baby :):):D ...SC

Come do a tour of the Andes Mountains instead. Weather is fantastic for riding 60-80 degrees, we have WR's/KTM not XR,s, accommodations are MUCH better and scenery is much more varied and spectacular. I run and own Moto Loco. From Dallas with office headquarters in Quito Ecuador.

Another vote here for Baja Bound. I've done several trips with them and they always do a super job. If you want, they can offer a very challenging ride. Customization is their specialty.

MotoLoco, when I get more time on the schedule, I'll be coming down for a ride. I've been to Ecuador several times for business and I'm sure the riding there would be great.

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