Livermore Ca.

Anyone racing the Livermore C/C this sunday. Was wondering on the type of terrian. pjmaust, bummer you cant make the race maybe we will catch up at the next Hollister race.


Hey Aftershock, things at work have been a little wacky. As it turns out I probably could make it but Wally got a new WR250 and has yet to break it in. So we decided to pass on Livermore and go up to Georgetown to break in his bike and get a work out in. I really would like to make that race though. I also think Wally wants a little time to get used to his new ride. I told him that it won't really be broke in until he has a few scratches on it! :) If things change between now and Sunday i'll email you to let you know. Good Luck and kick you know what!!! :)I will try real hard to make Hollister.

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I think it is at Carnegie.


Rock steps, loose dirt, dust, Big hill climbs with nada traction-loose dirt under scrub grass, Insane rutted up down hills.

Pack extra levers...

This place will test your hand guard set-up.

This place is like a punishment for missing class.

I always say after leaving Carnegie that I will never come back.

Have fun!

pmaust, a race sounds like a great place to break in your buds WR 250 :)

SFO, thanks for the heads up. Sounds like i'm in for a battle.


Doug, I told W the same thing. Livermore would be a great place to break in his bike! :D I think he is hesitant because he has never ridden it yet except up and down his street. :D I still have Friday to work on him. We'll see. Hope it doesn't rain!? :) I'll email you if we are gonna make it. Talk to you later, Paul

Carnegie on Sunday Rain or Shine is what it says on the flyer. No dust thats for sure. Can hardly wait :) Aftershock what class ya race'in I'll be there for sure on the Vet B row on a 426 #125. Hope to see pmaust there as well. See you Sunday. Sounds like your buddy has already broken the motor in ( up and down the street three times) try and get him out Saturday for a break in ride don't forget to mention getting numbers for the race and how good his bike will look with them on it! This always worked with me. Hope to see you Sunday.

race it like you stole it, huge

Howard Huge, Im running in C 4 stroke #936. I'll keep an eye out fou you, Good luck.

Paul, my email is down right now it keeps knocking me off line :) Let me know on this thread if you can make it.

Doug WR400

Hey Aftershock

Nice meeting you there at the Old Crow-

I Was to your left on the start line.

how did you like it/Do?

I did pretty awfull and had to go to the hospital after i Top-Sided it on that greasy

down hill, just before the creek bed on the way to home check on my second lap.

nothing brocken, thank GOD, but my shoulder

does not feel to good at all.

hope all went well for you!

See ya at the Wild Boar.


Rich, glad to hear your ok. I know exactly what hill you are talking about and "greasy" was a perfect word for it. I saw riders fall and slide 100ft from their bikes. I didnt do any better. my second lap through I got the checkerd flag. They stoped the race becouse to many people were getting hurt. There were riders sprawled throughout the course. I dont know how but some riders completed 3 laps. It took me almost 2 hours to clean all the mud and clay off my bike that stuff just wouldnt come off. Cant wait until the next one :)

Howard Huge, you da man. Good job on your race sorry I missed ya.


"Greasy Hills" "People getting hurt all over the place" I was sorry that I missed it. :D But now i'm not so sure?! :D I think Rich, Doug and Howard deserve a medal for bravery!! :)

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What a sloppy mess, man was it great! The C riders had to deal with rain making already sloppy conditions worse. That wide high speed downhill before the creek was excellent. How about the wind that literaly blew riders into the banks on the sides of the hills!!!


Man, you guys are bigger men than I.

When I hear the loving tones in reference to Carnegie I realize that I am cut from a different cloth...

SFO, you are not alone. I don't like mud all that much either. I'm looking forward to dryer weather. :)

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