Edelbrock QS mixture adjuster question.

A quick question for anyone with QS knowledge...is it OK to keep the mixture adjuster screwed into the top of the carb all the time or are you supposed to replace it with the threaded plug when finished changing the mixture? I ask because there is no reference to this in the carb instructions/literature. Thanks!

My adjuster is still in the carb......... :)

For what its worth, I think it will be OK.......

I left my adjuster in.

Edelbrock leaves there adjusters installed in the bikes they ride / race.

My adjuster is in :)

The knob on top of one of mine fell off. I was just fixing it right now and thought, 'for the guy's that leave it on' they might want to locktite the knob on. I didn't lose the spring and it didn't fall in (the adjuster part). When I put it back together I put grease to make sure that it never leaks. I had to make a new knob. Now I have a Blue knob.

Hmmm. Blue Knob on a Red Pig! maybe it has some built up ....um...energy! :D Don't you let it out to roam any!

Greasing it is a good idea if you leave it in...I left mine in...and it is stiff now I should have used a little grease to make the job a little easier. Would have improved the sensation to be able to feel the positions if it were greased! :)

do L's have knob's? :) Or are they "Knobless"?

do L's have knob's? :) Or are they "Knobless"?

It probably depends on the rider.... :D It takes knobs though to ride the "R".... :)

All this talk of Edelbrock I was screwing with the #19 needle I have in my 680. It is lean at the bottom when I get it setup right @ WOT. So, I was honing the bottom end on the needle (twards the top) and went to far :):) So, I put in the #21. at thirty clicks out from full rich it's almost perfect. Popping late on the decel after a few down shifts but, close. Still to rich at the top and lean at the bottom like before but, close. I guess I'll have to go get a new #18 and #19 and try again.

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