wanted: stock 650R plastic bash plate

I replaced my plastic stock "bash plate" w/ a White Bros unit a while back. The stocker laid around my garage for a good while. Finally, against all my pack-rat instincts, I threw it out thinking I'd never put it back on or find another use for it. Well, dammit, I wish I still had it as I may have found another use for it.

Anybody have one in decent condition they'd part w/ for cheap? PM me if so.

(Fwiw, I want to try to adapt it to me street bike, a Suzuki 650 vstrom.. I ride it on dirt roads and easy trails sometimes, but the oil filter / cooler are low and exposed and getting pinged by rocks a lot..)


Hey dan I got one in pretty good shape still want one?

Yep still looking. I don't care what it looks like as long as it's not cracked. PM me and we'll work it out. thanks


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