XRL Carb Drain Function (& gas drip).

After woods riding on Saturday, I noticed that my trailered XRL was dripping gas from one of the tubes that connects to the carburetor. Admittedly, I forgot to turn my gas valve off before the one-hour trip home. Still, it shouldn’t drip. My manual calls one of the tubes a “drain” and the other a “vent.” When I noticed this, I turned the gas off and the drip stopped. I also started the bike and it runs fine. I haven’t looked into this any further yet but tonight…

Any tips? It sounds like maybe the float was stuck? I don’t understand the “drain” tube being connected at the very bottom of the carb. What is the function of that? What is the function of the “vent” tube?



The hose at the bottom of the carb does 2-3 things:

1) when you open the screw at the bottom of the bowl, it drains the bowl

2) it vents the bowl, allowing gas to come into the bowl without building pressure in the bowl.

3) if the bowl overfills, it will help to drain off the excess.

So, you could have some crud in your needle seat, or the drain screw might be a little loose.

The plastic float in the XRL is non-adjustable, but I don't think that means it couldn't warp enough to change the setting.


May just be the float bouncing up and down raising the float bowl level while being trailered and without it running the level is high enough to slosh and come out the vent, open the float bowl drain screew and drain into a small glass and see if any sedement or water comes out. I usually drain mine after washing the bike all I've ever seen is a little very fine sedement.

Thanks guys. I checked into the problem a little more last night. It's not dripping any more. It could have been slosh from the trip home or maybe the float valve was temporarily stuck.


My bike does the same thing when I trailer it. I think its just the float bouncing up and down also. No problem, just hard on the gas milage if you forget to shut off the tank petcock.

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