Powernow Installation

I just ordered one and was curious about installation. What's to keep it from spinning due to vibration and becoming misaligned? Or, is this just my paranoia rearing its ugly head as there's no need for concern? :) Thanks kids...SC

It fits in the carb neck pretty tightly. In the year and a half that I've had one, it has never spun around. Don't worry about it.



Please let me know if it works as claimed I am concerned that it my not really make a big difference. I have been on the fence about those things for some time now.


I installed one on my bike, install was easy, it does fit too tight to spin around.

I made too many of the other mods at the same time I installed the powernow that I could not honestly tell you how well it works.

I can say that my bike kicks :)

I installed the power pack from Starting Line Products( SLP ) an it really tamed the bike. I could pull second gear in tight single track better. But it is a lot harder to get the front wheel of te ground.

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