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Like the other guys who have responded, I have read the recent L vs. R posts and honestly, I never perceived any of it as angry or hostile. It struck me as good-natured bantering. It's all in the attitude. And besides, no matter what anybody says, everyone knows that L guys have bigger nads.


And besides, no matter what anybody says, everyone knows that L guys have bigger nads.


True Dat, but were they born with them or is it because they keep getting roosted in the nadz by "R"'s!!!!

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!!!!

"The sad thing is.....there probably is not a guy in the 600/650 forum under the age of 25."

38 fer a little while longer...


I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! This forum is worthless to me now so this is my last post and I'll not be back.

Oh well. Shouldn't take everything so seriously. Do you really think that TT is on every members mind all the time? Fun is where you find it. Online, on the trail, on the track...what does it matter? No one makes you join a usergroup, or makes you decide to leave it. That's your choice.

Riding is fun & so is the online banter when you're not riding or can't ride for one reason or another.

Can't we all just get along????????

I find this list very informative.......

I bought my 03L 8 months ago bone stock and started looking around the net for info on her. She was a Cherry with only 600mi and not a scratch, and I stole here for 4k. from the only owner she ever had. I had looked at a few R's but didnt like they were already hammered and needed a good kicking too often for my 40yr old frame to deal with and I wanted to comfortably be able to street ride.

So there I was reading all this sic info on uncorcking, modding and waking up the lil beast within. I also stumbled onto the TT site and found some really SOLID local L owners to hook up with and ride the hills and trails every Sunday. We have helped each other doing mods and become great friends.

The site should never be too seriously taken when poking fun at the LvR slant. Everyone i have read has been completely satisfied by the bike they owned. So in essence its just a lil low blow of quick jab to the chin...we all love each other (right?) and just be messin' round.

I mean if a R guy REALLY hates the L guys...dude, I would say GET A FRICKING LIFE!

I have yet to see a big fat office type riding an L to work or on the trails...I think your confusing the KLX guy with the Red crowd.

I am not an office guy, I pound nails for a living. I have owned dirtbikes for 30+ years and wouldnt trade my bike for 2 r's.

So I am sure we all love our rides...and just have a bit of cheese busting the other guys bubbles if their weak. If this stuff hurts you, then your losing the point. Its not flaming really.

But if you decide to leave an online community do it with style and just go, leave the drama for Yo Momma !

Hey XR-Dude, don't you realize that XR riders are sprinkled all over the map? It's not like we all live in the same neighbourhood and we all hook up once a week to go ride. The site is our lifeline, allowing us to communicate across the continent. Otherwise, communication wouldn't be possible! Consider - had you ever heard of an XR club before the Net started? The only source of info you had was your Chilton's manual! Sure, it's billed to be a tech talk thing, but a lot of us like to chat about other things, just like a ball club that goes out and plays once a week.

I'm just curious as to why you think that the site has to be so monotone? Don't you think it'd be a little lifeless? There's bodies on the other side of that tech talk!!

BTW, can you explain to me what mental masturbation is? I'm trying to come to an understanding of that, but I just can't seem to get off on what you mean.

Why the heck did you drag this crap back up? :D:D:D:eek:

It came up as a recent post on the site. It was on my first page, but I'm not sure why. Yep, looks pretty old! Ditchin' it.

Hey Everyone, please don't get me (XR_Dude), cofused with XR Dude I'm the one from FLA. He must be having a bad day! :D

Wow, he must have used a whole cow for the zoot suit!

Thanks!! I didn't think that it sounded like the REAL XR Dude!

The real XR_dude has a sense of humor ( & smell ) farts a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The real XR_dude has a sense of humor ( & smell ) farts a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just curious, how do you know??? :D

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