03' wr 450

Was wondering if anybody might have a lowering link that they want to get rid of,racing flat track this season and need to get the bike down a inch or two...

Thanks, Donnie

Sure don't. Sorry.

Even if you find one, what are you going to do about the forks? :)

Racing at Speedworld I presume?

You are correct speedworld is the place.If I drop 1.5 in the rear I can move the forks up in the clamp,anymore I will have to shim.Don't want to shim, for one don't have the cash and two I want to convert back to stock when I need too.


Yea, I flattracked my old WR400 but I just couldn't quite hang with the lowered bikes when traction was good. I also wanted a solution where i could switch back and forth easily but never could come up with anything other than a second shock and fork.

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