I'm heading down to the Sand Dunes (Oasis) come play...

Friday morning, back sunday evening. Sorry I couldn't be there last weekend, I had to speek at a convention in Cal.


Do you have your WR paddled up? I was at Big Sand Mountian a couple of weeks ago and the sand was wet and heavy. My 426 would only make it half-way up the steep side :-(

It did not power-out, just sank into the sand and spun a hole.....

I have been thinking of getting a paddle, let me know if you have one and how your bike pulls it down there.



Springville, Ut.

Polo, We might come down on saturday, but we are wanting to go to ten mile wash, down by moab, so I will let you know.

Thanks Coop


I have a paddle and the dif is unbeleavable. Steep side in second gear, almost 3rd, and it dosn't even start to slow down. Even the fingers are easy! I used my stock tire this weekend and HATED IT!

Get a paddle and hang on tight :)

Polo, what type of paddle and how many doe you use? What sprocket gears?

I have been running the HOOKER :) 10 paddle that I ran on my 96 KTM 550. I think an 8 paddle is perhaps better suited to 45 Horsepower bikes than the ten. That KTM had something silly like 60 horses and flew up all the sand hills like all big bore 2Strokes. BTW if you have a paddle run the pressure down around 5-6 and watch how high the roost flies. Also turn up your rebound on the shock a couple clicks so you don't bounce yourself silly. The lack of square edge bumps means you can have slower settings on high speed compression too.(if you have High and low settings on your shock like the 2001's.

Also put some hockey tape across the foam on your goggles so they don't fill with sand when your buddy with 3psi in his tire roosts you from 50 yards away.

I always jet a main richer at the dunes to keep her running cool during all that full throttle operation.

Have fun and watch for witches eyes :D

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