Stolen XR650R dual sport Please help!

Hey guys, I figure you know what your looking at when you see it where as the cops have no idea. Last Monday someone stole my XR650R dual sport. It's a 2000 with a baja designs kit. LED flush mount blinkers on the front, flush mount blinkers on the back. It has a 4.3 gal clear IMS tank and the seat has been cut way down for a short guy. White hand guards red seat with 650R on it.

I'll work to get a picture on the web and point you all to it asap. This was stolen from the ACe train station in Manteca California Monday the 13th of June. If you see it please give me a call 209-482-6442. You can remain anonymous or help me bury the pieces, whichever you like. Thanks for your time and help.


Sorry to hear man, that really sucks !!!

I was in Frys electronics last fri and when I came out I saw a Suzuki DR650, and it had Mexico plates...I looked closer and saw the Vin# was half missing due to some hasty grinding. I called the police (not 911) line and stayed on hold over 15min, then gave up as I had to get back to work. I was going to tell them some BS like it looked like a friends bike that was rescently snagged. I know it was stolen ! And I would love to see the piece of shit riding it locked up (never saw him)...but I did what I could and my hands were tied.

I hope you bike doesnt cross the border, get plates then return at will.

Good Luck Man !

Sorry for the loss, Theives suck worm dung, Keep a eye out on E bay...Don't give up...............

Get a flyer made ASAP with pictures, etc. The quicker you get it out there, the better your chances may be for recovery. I'll post it at a couple places local to me if you make one up. Also post your info on DRN and other forums as well. Good luck and I hope you get your bike back soon and that the scumbag who took it gets caught.

Good luck to you. I hope the son of a bitch gets caught! The damn thing is he will probably get fined and that will be the extent of it.

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