swingarm question

so i´m putting this 400 together again, and the front pivot bolt has me a bit befuddled. this thing appears to be a pinch joint dependent on the torque setting? I dont have the exact torque specs on that bolt, but I can torque it till the arm does not swing freely, or even so it does not really swing at all. So, am i missing something here? Should I be able to get some sort of positive stop on the bolt? If not what is to keep the bolt from backing out and loosening?


Mark Sheldon

maybe a clymer manual would help, i have no idea of the torque setting myself though

What year, make (YZ/WR)? I'll look and see what i can find.

Sounds to me like you are missing the spacer/bushing that runs inside the needle bearings. Are you sure you have all the parts in there???

I just put new bearings in mine... Had no problems with reassembly. Torque spec is 85 Nm or 61 Ft lbs. Sounds like you may be missing the thrust bearings. It should rotate smoothly.

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