TPS question....

I took my carb out to re jet, and of course the TPS was removed to cook the carb. So, whats this thing all about on 99 400? Do I need it? Can I chop it? Or, do i have to go thru a painfull process to get it set properly again?

thanx yall


the tps is linked in no small way to your cdi. cut the tps and you'll probably end up with a large blue motorcycle shaped paperweight

The TPS increases part throttle advance. On my KTM 525 EXC, I played around with adjusting the TPS and even disconnecting it. The results were, at least by seat of the pants, no discernable differences at all.

Chas M... you ARE SPEAKING TRUTH MY FRIEND!! I disconnected mine yesterday and my problems went away and I have MoRE POWER now that the stutter is gone because of the TPS. I would however like to adjust the TPS so i get that last little bit of power. if anyone knows how to adjust it right let me know

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