XR650r Big Bore kits?

Does anyone make a big bore kit for the BRP?

710? 780? etc??

I know that cam/carb/pipe mods are most common.

Just curious.



yes- there is a '680 kit and a 700 option.

the 102.5 mm Wiseco piston seems to be the most common. Others by Ross, JD are offered.

In germany there is a bored and stroked 710 that is used in motards against the 630 Husqvarna...again that is also available.

One of my engines was a 680--its nice--but its got to be part of a package to all work right.

Some guys go to Eric at Precision Concepts - he does some of Steve Hengevelds engines...many others go to Rob at Barnumspro.com. I had Rob do several of mine and honestly feel very good about recommending him--although i ended up freinds with Rob thru the years and now occasionally even race with him. Rob has done at least 40 of those mods-- so he knows what works and what doesnt. XR's Only can also do these mods. All of these shops have had minor failures--so its important you communicate alot about the other sub-componnets....valves, rockers, springs, cam, piston, HRC chains and gear, etc...as they dont all go together without minor alterations.

You CAN make a realiable and very much more powerfull XR650R engine. You just have to know what you are doing when it comes to buying the sub-components...

pm me if you are serious about this project and i will help ya with questions if needed.

i have seen a few on the enternet but to me it don't seem to popular

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