Nost suspension

Well after about 8 attempts at making my forks better on my crf450 most of which did work some didnt I decided to go with Nost suspension as Pete Russell owner was willing to work with me and send me parts etc... without me haveing to send my forks to him . I have a full machine shop so the work that was necessary to modify the forks could be done by me . Well He sent me a new midvalve and a new completly different base valve this stuff is very unique there is nothing else on the market like it that i have ever come across . There is a fair amount of work involved in installing this stuff i would say the better part of a day with all the mods that are needed etc... .I was so impressed with his service and helpfulness that I asked if he Had a Canadian distributor for his fine Product as i was thinking that there must be some people out there that want fine suspension and dont mind paying a little more for it . Im very impressed by my forks now headshake gone braking bumps a thing of the past forks Dont bottom etc... . I did several motos on sunday and my lap times dropped almost 4 seconds from the previous time out I was now able to keep up to and pass most intermediates and even keep up with some of the local pros though i could only last for about 8 minutes as im not in the greatest of shape . Im very happy with this company and Pete Russell is a true gentleman and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative and dont mind spending a little more to give novation a try . :):)

These guys are certainly in a class by themselves, and I think they have some worthy points to say on their web site.

Good to hear that you're satisfied.

Here's a link.

I had Novation set up the suspension on my 250sx and I am very pleased. Pete is very good to deal with and got my suspension back to me in short order. Now I just have to save the cash to get my crf done.

I got my 03' YZ250F from a real nice guy down in Oregon last year and it came with a NOST suspension setup. I agree that it's a little difficult to tune yourself given that the technology is so unique, so I contacted Pete Russell (the guy who invented it) to get me sorted out. Not only did Pete offer to work with me on a Saturday, he's upgrading all my suspension components with his latest OD3 parts, and tuning the entire suspension for the price of a fork oil change. Now that's service! Plus, unlike a lot of mechs/techs, he's willing to let me be a fly-on-the-wall while he's doing the work so I can service it myself in the future. I've yet to meet the guy but I gotta say that his attitude and commitment to his product/service seem to be outstanding. I'll post again when the setup is complete and have some feedback.

i've been waiting to get some parts from those guys for quite awhile. i want to give them some money but no online ordering and they dont answer emails

These guys are certainly in a class by themselves, and I think they have some worthy points to say on their web site.

Good to hear that you're satisfied.

Here's a link.

I raced with a good friend and his NOST OD3-equipped 07 YZ450F to a respectable finish in the 07 BITD US Laughlin HareScrambles - I have to say that the fork on this bike was right on par with the Phase 4 fork I have ridden(although it was an older version).

You could hit nearly anything with the front wheel and hold a line, no kidding. Nost is definitely on the forefront of development.

(PS I can't wait for my Phase 4's!)

I also have the OD3. I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon realized that what Pete has done will blow all competitors out of the water. Pete's service is hands down awsome. He seems extremely passionate about what he does, and it shows. My riding techniques and speed have elevated a few notches.:thumbsup:


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