If you own a 2 stroke dirtbike,please reply once. Im just wondering how many people on this site have them.

Thanks :)

shoulda made it a poll

And yes I own a 2 stroke

I have a few (in the household) but i own a 96 kawi kx100! :)

I personaly don't own a 2-stroke, but my brother does, and I do all the engine and suspension work for him. So I kinda own one.

i own one and i want to see some 2 stroke stuff on ths website


I have 2 of them.

2000 Ktm 380 Exc

replied :) 2004 CR250, 2002 KX125

I dont understand why people want 2 stroke stuff on thumpertalk... if there is anything 2 stroke specific that I need help with, I will take it else where.. but this is THUMPER talk... I can understand if you like the large userbase and like to hang out though. You wont see me protest to put 2smokes on the fourms...it just wouldnt be TT with 2smoke fourms :)

02 YZ250. I've always owned 2 strokes, and loved riding my buddys 4 strokes. I'll be keeping my 02 just for the green sticker, but I can't wait to get my 06 450.


I have an 02' CR125 See sig.







05 300exc

04 200sx


2000 KX 250....it's for sale. just bought 2002 CRF 450R. If the 250 doesn't sell, I might keep it for the dunes.

Berkeboy has been on 2-strokes since he outgrew his XR50. Presently he's on a KX-85, and we kept the KX-65 for demo rides for other kids. :)

i have a 2000 rm250 which i am sadly selling for an 06 rmz250. I will miss the 2 stroke world, but the 250f is so much easier to ride.

Yes :)

I'm yer Huckle Berry!

My first was an '88 KDX200. That's gone now. Now it's a modified '92 KDX200. I must admit the 2 smoke starting is a dream and i have been working overtime to get my thumper to start perfectly. Now I am dreaming of removing the auto dempressor. We also have a RMX 250, also a seriously modified powerful brute that terrifies me, so I won't ride it.

I have 2 in my garage!! And a thumper too!!

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