yzf426 head pipe

I know I should be over on the forsale thread, I did a search there but no hits, I smashed my head pipe this past weekend on a stump, :) I'm looking for stock head pipe w/the heat shield still intact. anybody have one forsale.

I have a stock head pipe in good shape, i dont think it has a single dent in it. where in michigan do u live?

I crushed my pipe on a stump. I used compressed air and heat and fixed it to be unnoticeable. My pipe was basically flattened :) Cost of my repair $2.99 for plugs.

Fill me in on these plugs you used? My friend has did this before but could never get a good seal on the plug he made up. Pics if you got them. :)

Check ebay, there are usually lots of these availble.

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