Street legal YZ450f ?

I know this topic has come up a thousand times on hear but I never cared until now.

I got a new job that in about 10-12 miles from my new apartment. My bike is at my dads ( 50 miles away )

With the new job I never have time to ride my bike anymore. I feel like I have abandoned it :) But I miss it a lot!

Any way, I don't want a WR. I want MY 04' YZ450F ( first new bike ever ).

I would like to be able just to ride it back and forth to work. It's all city driving, no highway, speed limits 45 or less the entire way. No really long stops either.

What is involved in making it street legal? Are there any kits? What about small fans for the radiators?

Any help would be great guys, Thanks!

call Baja designs or go to their web sight they sell the most complet kit

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