jetting spreadsheet

I have an Excel spreadsheet that when you put in the altitude, temperature and jet settings for a properly jetted bike, it predicts the proper jetting at all other temps and altitudes. It prints out a chart that you can tape in your manual or toolbox. No math involved, just read the jetting off a temp vs altitude chart. And its FREE, thanks for all the help you guys have given me. I would like input on how it works for you, especially for the pilot jetting. I want to refine it and I need data. Tell me what jetting works best for your bike at a given temp and altitude, and what modifications you have on your engine. Email me at and I will send you a copy.

If you want more details see "high altitude jetting for 250F" topic in the 250F section.

Hey Mike-

Please forward this along. email: Would love to check it out.

Sorry, please see post JETTING SUCCESS for settings and other parameters. I may have some other data to contribute. Effects on gearing changes mainly.


Could you take mcarp's JETTING SUCCESS exactly as he posted it (50F)and project it to 30F, 70F, and 90F ? And then maybe 50F at 5000ft elev.?

Post it here if you would.



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