green sticker for yz450

just bought a 2004 havent even touched the dirt yet is there any way to green sticker the bike if not where can I ride live near monterey


Even if you can find someone at the DMV willing to do it for you, the first ranger that catches you will check your VIN and bust you.

Best we can hope for is if Arnold is successful in abolishing the CARB.

When I renewed my 450 by mail and got a green sticker :) stay away from the ranger

LOL... change the color of the plastics. Apparently, at Gorman they'll pull over anything blue.


Good news... I just renewed my bike. The DMV gave me a GREEN sticker for my 03 yz450f. Was it a mistake?? I don't know, I'm not going to ask. Seeing that oters have gotten their green stickers, maybe it's the real deal.

they sent me a green for my 03 450 still cant ride it around bay area ohv parks unless like they said above keep away from rangers, sometimes have to put stickers over my 450 fender sticker

Last month the DMV gave me a green sticker for my 04 YZ450, when I renewed my registration.

yes but have you tried riding in a green sticker area

In california most national forests are green sticker riding area's all year long :)

Umm... why the thumbsup on that? There are pretty much no restrictions at all on green sticker bikes. The closures are for red sticker.

I hope you're not giving a thumbsup because the political hacks have basically CLOSED the national forests to red stickers for nearly the entire year.

you got Yamapower Cluth and Run

donald56 - I live in Pacific Grove and ride pretty much everywhere within 4 hours driving distance!

Unfortunately you don't have too many choices for places to ride during the summer. What's your age, skill level, and interests (MX, trails)?

yes but have you tried riding in a green sticker area

No i haven't, i only rides tracks.

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