Cycra Hand Guards for 05 WR450

I have decided to get Cycra Pro bend Hand Guards for my 05 WR450. After reading this forum I thought i was going to get the side pinch mounts (on the triple clamp). I called Cycra and they said these don't work well for WR's due to interference with the light assy :) and that I should get the bar mouints.

Any feed back to which works best would be appreciated. It is hard to imagine either clearing the brake line very well.


in advance.


I have the bar mounts and i like them

The triple clamp mount works, but you have to use a zip tie to hold the top left side headlight mount. The right side stock headlight mounting bracket/bolt remains.

Ditto on the bar mounts, no issues and I luv them. Lots of room for folks with long fingers or big nuckles......... :)

I installed the bar mount variety recently and am very satisfied with the product and fit. No issue with the brake line. A bit busy on the clutch cable side for me, however, based on where I like to position the lever. They're sturdy and look great. Good luck. :)


With the stock clamps and bars I had no problem with the bar mounts, When I changed triple clamp to move the bars forward and used higher clamps, neither the side mount or handlebar clamp worked very well due to the brake line getting in the way. I Settled on bar clamp because I was just able to get my levers in a comfortable position.

I used the side mounts with my cycras. I did have to bust out the grinder and shape them abit and trim the upper brake guide. It wasn't much work and only took a few minutes.

An alternative would be the fastway fit system. They bolt to the included top mount.

I put mine on with the side clamp mount with no issues other than grinding off the lower brake line stop on the front master cylinder. Took all of 60 seconds with my Dremel...SC

I mounted my Cycra hand guards with the triple clamp mount. I have a BRP triple clamp and ProTaper bars. I went with new triple clamps to facilitate stronger (larger diameter) handle bars and to provide a clean Scotts dampner mount. I bought the BRP package on this - saved some bucks, and BRP provides (at no extra cost) the Cycra triple clamp mount in black (if you opt to go with the black Cycra metal)

I believe the hand guards are much better supported on the triple clamp mount - I have seen too many bar-mounted hand guards twist in a crash. By mounting the hand guards on the triple clamp you are triangulating the bars. You WILL need longer triple clamp bolts if you go with the triple clamp hand guard mounts. Again, BRP provided these.


I just saw a friends Wr with the tripple cmamp mounts on it. He ground a 1/2 round in the aluminum bracket to clear the headlight mount. Basicaly the same thing that I did with my cough cough CRf cough cough......


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