differences between '00 WR400/YZ426?

Anyone have a list of the differences between the '00 WR400 and YZ426? Obviously the engine size, body plastic, tranny ratios, and coolant catch can. Anything else? Are the suspensions the same?

I’ll take a stab at that…

Lighting coil


Rear Fender (I guess you covered that)

The suspension is valved differently but they have the same springs.

18” rear wheel vs. 19” on YZ

Seat and Tank (obviously)

WR has odo, cable & pickup

WR has different exhaust from header back (quieter and has SA)

Different jetting (WR: 165/45/DRS YZ: 162/42/EKR) I think

That’s all I can think of right now…

Did ’00 WR get the alum. subframe like the YZ?

NO!!!! THEM CHEAP A$$ YAMAHA SUNZA BEEEEACHES!!!!! I WANT ALUMINUM NOW DAMMITTTT!!!!! :) all kidding aside, that was one of the selling points in the buyers guide that i based my purchase on and was very ticked to find the sub rusting. bonez


Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?

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