what tools do you carry with you...?

On a 2002 YZ 426?

Just picked up mine earlier this year "used" (pristine condition - still on the original tires!!) so I haven't had need for any maintenance.

I like to do long rides, so I finally picked up a 22/27mm double-box end wrench, but what else should I carry?

I've only owned KTMs - pretty much everything is either an 8mm or 10mm on those bikes, with the exception of a couple funky specialty tools

What would be the "standard" inventory for a waist-pack toolkit on this bike?

I have wore an enduro pack for years that has gotten me out of more trouble than most people could imagine. I don't have to use tools from it on every ride, but when I need them I have them. It adds an extra 5-6lbs to me but I'm willing to put up with it.

I carry a small 3/8" ratchet with the most common size 1/4" sockets that would allow me to remove my seat and tank and tighten up most of the controls. Various allen and open end wrenches. Rear wheel wrench, needle nose, small channell lock, multi-head screwdriver and knife. I also carry a spare plug, 15' of 1/4" nylon rope (for towing), spare master link and various spare nuts and bolts. Throw in your truck keys, a twenty and some ID and you are ready to go!

I've ordered a fanny pack and will be hitting the flea market this weekend to fill it with tools for the trails.

Box end wrenches, multi screw driver, flash light, quick fix tube goo, set of metric allens, extra master link, duct tape, ... what else?

spoke wrench, spark plug socket/wrench, socket heads, ratchet, etc.

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