06 XR650r

I just checked out the Honda web site and all I could find different for 06 is new stickers. Bummer

Did you notice when ya compare 'similar models' it brings up the 2004 XR400... :)

Thats sad.

In the last 6 years Honda has come out with the 650R and two great MX bikes,with their half sister off-road versions...oh yeah-the CRF230 and 110....

KTM has come out with 3 525's, the 400 and then the 3 450's. The LC8 in three trims, the all new SFX 250, the 625, the 200 and an incredible Hard Parts catalogue...they now a major force in just about all off-road racing on earth.

Honda dominates? In Baja and on the 450 mx world.

Red has got to get some product to market- some innovative, reliable, interesting, set the tone, affordable and exciting product!

Give us a XR440 dual sport with a plate.

Give us a CRF600X

Give us a 450 and 600 in full motard trim.

Give us back the XR line!

Give us a technology transfer--fuel injection? carbon fiber? a Ti frame? two wheel drive? Give us some excitement. The 450R is awesome. But Honda seems to have all its eggs in one basket.

And for sure Honda needs to get rid of their Off Road Race Manager! First they loose Ricky, now they havent won in Baja for a year! When was the last time Honda won an off-road race?


oh no....i'm drinking and rambling already....

Well that sucks

I was hoping they would at the very least put on an E start

Leave the kick as well

Does Honda do anything now or do they just live off there name

don't get me wrong, they make a great product, but they never change the dirt line

O-well, still liked the XR650L and shure I will enjoy the XR650R

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