well, i got kicked outta the chat so i figured i would come here for a while. this is real gay because what i sed was covered up by stars. anyone know how to identify the brand of a tank because i have a baja tank but i dont know what brand it is. i have a 1998 xr650l and i just love her to death. i have her all PIMPED out with this stuff" yoshi exhost, 4 gallon ims tank, protapers, new grips, bark busters, new turn signals, hot cam, ufo headlight, and other stuff. heres a link to her: i have put about 170 miles on her in the past week. gone through about 2 tanks of gas now. she gets about 30-35 miles to the that good? i am glad i got the 650l because i need a dual sport and i dont want to go through putting and enduro kit on. i am having a problem with the seceratary of state.....i have to take a class to get my cycle endorsement because i am 17 but by th time i can get in, i will be 18 when i dont have to take the class. i have another 10 minutes befor they will let me back in so i have to sit here and talk some more. i have gotten a lot better at typing because i type so much on tt. i need to get a new endurro front tire, a botom chain guide, a headlight that is dot, insurrance, tool kit, new brake light, and i want a gas cap that locks. i think i will get the stock tank painted black and put that on and sell the plastic tank to pay for paint. i sure love her. cant wait to get her out on the highway and get her to her full potential. i need to regear, stock is 15/45 but its 14/48 now. regearing to stock will make her much better on the street. well, i can go back to the chat now so byebye.

do one little post here.

looks like i got a bit longer til they let me back in so i will talk a little more...... i am looking in to a nos kit for the xr. they have mini nos kits for pocketbikes on ebay for like 30 bucks but i dont know if they will do anything. how would i install a nos kit, just inject it into the intake tube of into the carb? what kind of a power increase do u tink that would give me? i would also like to paint the side panels and the frame black. either black or polished frame, either would look awsome. i made a custom chain guard that looks sweet....hope i can get a digital cam sometimes so i can show it to u all. i think they will let me back in so byebye.

and apparently you can get kicked for posting websites. this sucks!

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