Corral Canyon This Sun, San Diego TT Ride

Anyone who wants to join us on Sunday June 26th in Corral Canyon pm me. We should have a good group going out to play in the hills. Please post here as well as PM if you can get out to play, its off I-8 east of San Diego in the Cleveland National Forest. Should be a great time for all.

Miguelitro? you there? I hear ya know the trails well....

BWB wanna ride man?

Any model, make or size is invited, we should be arriving around 9-10am and riding most of the day... Brrrrrraaaaaaapppppppp :)

pm for my cell # to make the trip

Jim and the -=DTC=-

Daygo Thumper Club


i'm in :)

got about 8 riders so far. more the merrier :) .

Im in.down from nor cal. been there a few times. the paint can trails are cool

Chicken Heart cant make it...mad bummer

oh well, next time

This should be fun guys we are getting a nice group together of Newb's and Corral vets... yeeee haw


We are staging at the Pine Vally exit off hwy 8... 1 block south (exit Right) around 9-9:15am or so...if your in. just show up

Jim :)

I just might have to show up and give you guys a little tour...

rode some seriously sick stuff there today after making a wrong turn onto a single track. glad i know where it is...

Are you guys gonna dual sport? cuz im illegal for pavement.


Most of us are plated. Gonna have a couple of guys truckin' it down though.


PM justicedone or myself. Or if you want, meet us at the staging area. Hope you can join us :) .

to any late comers,

if you're still up for a ride, we're meeting at House of Motorcycles on El Cajon Blvd. and 49th Street at 8:30 am or the staging area mentioned above. :)

We had a group of 9 riders, and 1 had to leave pretty early. But still 8 for the runs we did. It was an awesome first time out there for us new guys, and we enjoyed the Vets showing us the single tracks.

What A Ride !

Def' gotta do that like once a month or more. Just wish I still had a truck and didnt have to ride all the way there and home to

Thanks to all who showed and rode :)

What a good ride today. Good to meet everyone out there, keep me in the loop on the next one. If we get out to Corral again we need to hit a few more of the trails in there. Maybe McCain Valley next time?? Let me know, I'm ready for more!

That was a good time guys :) Cant wait for next weekeend :) Thanks again!

sorry i missed it guys, chasing the south swell up in carlsbad... you probly wouldnot have like the trails we ride any ways, pretty tight for heavy bikes.

been going out there in the evenings alot start riding around four and just try to get to the top of kernan by dark the fire road is kinda fun at night.

if you arre pretty fast and can ride for a few hours without much of a break pm me we'll go shred the tight stuff.


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