Tire recommendation required for WR450


May I ask you to give me a tip for right tire for my 05 WR 450F?

Nomally, I was riding on Hard/Mid terrain with 30% on road riding.

For me, I should change my rear tire after 500 miles run as above.

Thank you advance for your tip!

Go with DOT tires like the Pirelli MT21 for a lot of road riding. :)

Thank you!

I run the dunlop D739 compound. Best I have had so far. I tried different ones and like the dunlop best for wear.

I ride about the same terrain with some highway. Around here, Vail Colorado, the Dunlop D606 is popular. I have a couple hundred miles on mine. Its an all around tire so it seems OK on about everything and not so great at anything. Seems like the nature of the beast for DOT approved.

I run the Kenda Trails tires and they work super good in Nevada single track and hold up really good on the street as well. It is a really soft compound and it is DOT approved. Check it out.


30% road riding... :)

The MT21 wears pretty darn well but I don't like the front... I too have heard great things about the D606 on the rear. I just don't know what a good front tire is for some road riding... Keep the replies coming..

Kenda Carlsbad....last forever and are cheap.

Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone tried the Michelin Desert front tire. It's DOT and looks really aggressive. Just wondering if anyone's given it a try.

I run it on the front of my KTM and so does Brian Vinceer the guy we rode with up in Michigan on the memorial day weekend. Awesome front tire and wears well yet is very soft! Not very good in mud but fine in sand. Loves rocks. :) Very expensive!

Thank you all!

RX 125

WR 450F

Seoul, Korea

I ran the Kenda Trackmaster II front and rear on my XR250 and they worked great and lasted all season and into the next... I don't know how they would do on my WR450 since it has a tad more power than the old XR... But I think I am going to try them again..

The only thing I found a bit lacking on the Kenda TrackMaster rear is that it doesn't have as good of a side bite as the factory Dunlops on my WR450. I find it harder to stay out of the ruts. Other than that they are great!

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