jet in carbi throat

what does the jet in the intake throat of the carbi do.What does going up and down achieve.

Many thanks dave

PAJ jet - Pilot air jet. Provides air to pilot circuit. Generally as the pilot jet goes up the PAJ needs to go up. 125 PAJ or 100 PAJ and 48 pilot is a good fit. :)

No offense Indy, but I think he was referring to the jet needle.

The needle is tapered and rides in a jet orifice called the main jet. As the throttle opens the needle raises. The taper creates a larger opening in the main jet as it rises, which allows more fuel to pass through. The taper can be designed for better performance by changing its shape, i.e. the points along its length where the tapering begins and how quickly it tapers.

Your right RADRick! I misunderstood the question. :)

Indy & Radrick thanks for the info.I was asking about the PAJ that indy answered but thanks to both for the replys.All replys are informing and help one to understand the workings of my beast some more.

Once again thanks to all.

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