Best Chain???


I need to get some new chain for my xr650l and was wondering what people chain and best place to get it??? I generally run 70 dirt and 30 road.


When money is no object. :)


I am still streching my stocker over my new Sunstars..he he

Happy with my Regina from MSR. Way happier than with a DID I tried.


Originally posted by Roadcam

D.I.D. x-ring at

I am in agreement with that. I put one on my 450 as soon as I got it home and it has not needed much adjustment and has been kinder to my sprockets. :)

I like the stock staked chains. They are the best, IMO. However, I do have the DID X-ring on her now. I'm waiting to see how long it lasts.

Thanks for your thoughts! Much appreciated. I think I am going to get one and try it.

original chain is endless. I take it you have to break it and install a master link when installing a new chain.

How about the RK X-Ring? Had one on for about 5 months now with no issues.

I get over a year out of my chains. I replace the one on my CR500R after a year of desert races, motorcrosses and practicing.

On my 650L, I managed to get a bit over 15,000 (about 18 months) out of a Regina O-Ring. I got less than 1000miles on the original, back in 1996.. I snapped it! :)

The Regina Gold O-ring is the best chain I have used, but I haven't tried the DID ERV2 yet. When you put on an ERV2, do you have the option of staking it or throwing on a master link? Or are you forced to stake it? If I drop $130 for a chain, another $100+ for a staking kit is a big bite to swallow.

It comes with a staked link Salty. I chucked in a master link and keep the stake clip for a spare. I'd imagine with some good backing all you'd need to stake it would be a a punch and a 5lb. sledge. I didn't feel comfortable leaving that on my bike so I opted for the master link. I always carry spares. Anyone elses chain wear on the metal/plastic chain guide on the bottom of the swingarm? I got a new guide/slider this year from xr's only and it still does it.

I haven't noticed much wear on mine although I only have about 3500 miles on it. What are peoples thoughts with tensile it that important...the higher the better???

When it comes to tensile strength, virtually all chains advertised for dirtbikes have enough. An event that causes more stress on the chain (more than your engine could produce at 200hp, or landing a huge jump with the engine seized) is when the chain doesn't have enough slack.

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