HMF Exhaust?

Has anyone used an HMF slip on? I think these guys make exhaust primarily for ATV's but they have slip ons available for bikes as well. They also have several colors to choose from. If anyone has used one and has a performance report, please let me know. Thanx.

i havn't used one on a bike, but i have on a kfx700...they are very loud pipes.

they give good power, but they are very loud.

I've seen a bunch on ATV's too. And I can testify about them being very loud too. I think I would rather have a FMF Q series and forget the loud pipes if I were to buy another.

Oh, by the way, this is for an 01 426.

The quiet core takes the sound down some, but still leaves the bark and sounds good.

Brother has one on his Warrior, sounds good, and the performance was nice too. Plus he got it in Red and he has a red and white warrior, looks trick.

Excellant exhuast for the price and quality. :)

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