Normal amount of popping ???

Hello all,

I have a 02 426 that has been all supermoto'ed out. I am running a 44t rear sprocket and runs comfortably at 100km (60mph) the question i have is how much popping on de-acceleration is normal?

When coming off the gas for a traffic light for example and riding a few hundred meters with the gas shit off running up to the lights in 5th gear it pops probably 5-10 times, every now and again one loudish one...

Is this normal? The bike starts first kick every kick. Understandable when i ride it gently through the gears for a few miles it dose get a little bit spluttery at low revs, until i blast through the gears and it clears it. That's probably normal though, as these bike like being pushed....

Any info is much appreciated.

That is probably a bit more than normal.

Make sure you don't have a header leak.

Try a bit richer idle mixture.

If this cures the popping but ruins throttle response you may try an adjustable PAJ (pilot air jet), if the stock PAJ is too lean it will pop on decel, this air jet has more control over mixture and high rpm but closed throttle.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the info !! Ill give it a try. Definatly no header leak.

you are sucking air.

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