WR426 vs. DRZ400

Hi! I am planning on buying either a drz or a wr. Not shure wich one I should buy. My type of driving conditions is the following. 25% sand pit riding and fooling around, 35% long and large gravel roads and 40% small forest trails. Of course you can see some mud in any of these trails. Most of the time I leave for 4 to 5 hours and go through a lot of distance. I have to mention that I am in Quebec Canada, it may give you an idea of the landscape. I like agressive riding. I hope that with these info somebody will be able to help me choose between these two bikes. I think the XR400 is out of concideration, am I right!?

Thank you in advance!!

My read:

Sand pit riding: WR

Long gravel roads: WR for fun, DRZ for comfort

Small forest trails: DRZ

Agressive riding: WR all the way.

Sounds like a tough choice.

Warning! Warning!

Danger! Danger!

Everyone on this WR forum will say, 'Buy the WR, it's the best'.

Everyone on the DRZ forum will say, 'Buy the DRZ, it's the best'.

Truth be told they are both great bikes.

Personally, at 6'4'' and with a 37 inch inseam, the WR fits me better, I think it's a little faster, and I don't give a rat's arse about carrying around the extra 15 pounds for the sake of electric start (all the DRZ guys say they can't live without itj - whatever).

The DRZ is probably a little better in tighter woods type riding (suspension and handling). The WR is a bit more stable at speed and the suspension is just plain awesome. But both can be modified to do whatever you want.

However, I do think the color blue is MUCH faster than yellow. At least 12 to 13 feet faster in most tests :) .


that's a real shame about the 25% sandpit riding & fooling around. for one you should have grown out of that when you were four & two, the WR is only good for 22% in the sand & not one percent more.

do you think you could cut down on three percent of the playing?

i don't recommend the WR for mud at all, nop!

most of the canooks on this site ride moose, yup, pur 100% moose. they only kick out one donkey putt but they are brilliant in the mud.

i'm told you shouldn't use them on the tight trails so i would get the WR.

of course you could cadge a lift with a mountie!

oh! sorry, i guess you're left wondering the obvious question, how silly of me!

why DON'T they ride moose' on the trail...

their antlers get stuck in the trees!!!

get the DR, we regret it here every night.


Gotta Love the English Humor!!!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I am never quite sure what taffy is actually saying :) Trying to figure out what Taffy is saying is like trying to do the New York Times crossword puzzle, it makes your brain hurt and it takes a long time :D

i don't think you need a bike at all. in your post you said "my driving conditions". maybe you need a subaru or a yugo. something cheap so when it gets stuck in mud and between the trees you can just leave it there and go get another one.

I was looking at the same bikes myself when I bought my WR.

I based my decision on the suspension and power delivery. The WR is for more agressive riders than the DRZ. It isn't as comfortable as the DRZ. I was also looking at the KTM but ruled it out because it needs more maintenance (small oil capacity) and poor availability of parts.

I love the reliability of the XRs... the things are bullet proof (used to own one) but the power just isn't there if you like to race and it takes too much $ to get it anywhere near the level of a stock WR. Reliability of the WR is pretty good except for a few common problems you see posted to this forum.

The XRs are hard to beat in the woods because they turn so quick and have low end grunt. The quick turning also makes them difficult in deep sand. To get the WR to handle better in the woods requires raising the forks in the tripple clamps.

The suspension on the new WR is great out of the box and so is the power. The DRZ suspension isn't tuned for agressive riders but is great as is the power. The XR needs help, it seems to be aimed at more casual riders.

The handling of all these bikes would benefit from better seat/tank configurations, they all come with crappy handlebars/chain/etc so in those areas the bikes are pretty equal.

I put my WR through everything, even ice. I also think it handles fine in the tight stuff. The jump to a 52t on the rear made a big difference in the tight stuff. Also rode a DRZ this winter. Smoother pull, a little too smooth if you really like to crack the whip. Comfy though. I have seen these WR's go through some serious mud with no problem, just don't stall it.

JamesD: Crappy chain? My '01 WR's chain has held up like a champ so far. Every time out it's been packed full of mud, and has stretched negligibly. And at least it's an O-ring chain - more than can be said of most stockers. What is it that you see as bad about the stock chain?

ditto what scotchbrite-i mean scouring pad said. the stock chain on the wr is one tough chain. wut it with the steel rear and the package is pretty indestructible. i know a guy who got one ride on a 2000 kx250 and threw the chain in the trash because it stretched too much. he adjusted it 3 times that day. what junk!!!


Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?

Taffy,if you ever come over to the colonies I'll personally arrange a ride for you on a bull moose.They are a little heavy and slow to turn,but as you know,unbeatable in the mud.For an extra thrill,plan on being here in the spring,it's the height of mating season (for the moose-get your mind out of the gutter),and an added bonus-prime blackfly season too.Hopefully that will cure your English sense of humour but I'm doubtfull that anything can reverse a lifetime of living in the rain and fog and eating the crappiest food on the planet.At least you will get a chance to see the sun and do something about that pasty-white complexion that all you people have. :)


i did the world athletics championships in seville, spain two years ago & swore i would do edmonton this year. but i only get the end of august off!


canada now knows how close it came!


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