Oil Screen

I am a new WR426 owner and recently changed my oil. I was unable to get the oil screen off of the bike. It was ver tight, and I didn't want to damage it. I was hoping someone would have some info on the best way to get it off. Maybe I just need to eat more wheaties, but I would appreciate some help. Thanks,


The screen is threaded into a steel frame. You can pull very hard w/o damage. Trust me, I have to use a breaker bar to get mine out! I wouldn't worry too much.

I had to use an air impact, on its highest setting, at 125 psi. Oooooffff!!! So I don’t think you can hurt it, unless you have a better air compressor than me.

In my case I think there was paint on the aluminum fitting that made it so hard to get off. Also, many American socket sets do not have a 24 mm size, in my case I had to go buy one (obviously needs a deep socket).

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