accelerator pump questions )please, please(

Wow, I´m striking out here on the questions lately. Maybe third times the charm. I recently put my carb back together and, um i seem to be short the little piece that actuates the pump diaphram. Really I dont think there was one on there, but I may have lost it. Anyway, what does this thing look like? I´m out of the country with this thing and I´m going to try and have one made at a machine shop. So, I assume it´s a simple L shape deal. I don´t suppose someone could pass on the dimesions of this thing so I can rig one up? Also, sorry... the diaphram itself... it´s not clear which way to orient it. One side has a prominent nipple of some sort on it, the other side has a disk. Which side goes towards the carb body? I will have to assume that the spring goes up into the deeper recess of the carb body rather than on the lower cap side ? :):):D:D

Anyone out there?????

Mark Sheldon

Go to

click on the carbuetor diagrams

Then click on FCR-MX - New!


Oh man! :)

Talk about a nice view of my carb. Thank you so much Indy!

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